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 Why DeKalb MD?

We have removed the bureaucracy and red tape. In refusing to recognize any interference with the sanctity of the patient/physician relationship, we have returned family practice medicine to its root values of clinical excellence and compassionate knowledge of every patient. In every aspect of family healthcare, and custom healthcare, we promise accessibility, convenience, and affordability.
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Near-site Clinics

Our industry-leading Dekalb MD network goes a step beyond a traditional shared-clinic model. We lower the barriers to entry for employers of all sizes so employees—and their families—can access care where they live and work.

Onsite Clinics

For employees who struggle with getting to the doctor but know they need to, a Dekalb MD onsite clinic located at their workplace brings primary care closer than ever.

Wellness Solutions

Our scalable wellness solutions enable patients to achieve improved health at every state of awareness and risk, from identifying conditions to providing personalized health coaching and establishing long-term health partnerships.