Newborn through 19 years of age
$10 monthly with enrolled adult member

20 years of age to 100 years of age
$60 monthly

Married Couples
$100 monthly

Over 100 years old
$1 annually

Military, Police officers, Firefighters
$50 monthly

By eliminating the middlemen, we help businesses and their employees get better healthcare AND save money. The core of our mission is Direct Primary Care (DPC), which can handle the health needs of 90% of people without the hassles of insurance. We also offer all DeKalb MD Business partners a variety of Wellness & Occupational Health services and Employee discounted rate of $50 a month.

Memberships require NO LONG-TERM CONTRACTS or commitments. You may cancel your membership at any time for any reason by phone, message or mail. All charges, including membership fees, will continue to accrue until notice of cancellation is given.

​Enrollment fee: The fee is waived if no cancellation within 90 days. If cancellation is within the 90 days a one-time $100 account will be charged. However re-enrollment fee of $200 will apply.