Employer Benefits of Direct Primary Care

     Benefits to your employees and their families:
  • Unlimited visits (with no co-pays if you choose) for covered employees and dependents.
  • Same day or next day appointments. No long wait times.
  • Quality time with your doctor - Longer visits for chronic problems.
  • Ability to call, text or email (telemedicine 24/7).
  • Network of physicians and clinics.
  • Personalized care tailored to each patient’s comfort level.
  • Medications and lab work at pass through costs (see costs below).
  • Discounted cash price for imaging.

    Benefits for employers: 
  • Employer groups with 5+ employees, $50/month/adult. For larger businesses, please call for details.
  • Increased employee satisfaction = Better retention rates. Give your employees something different and exciting.
  • Lower healthcare claims over time by keeping your employees out of the hospital and by avoiding more expensive avenues of care.
  • Decreased emergency room utilization.
  • Increased generic drug utilization.
  • Quarterly utilization data including number of interactions, prescriptions and some health condition information.
  • Healthier Employees = Lower workers’ comp claims.
  • Higher productivity from lower absentee volumes.
  • Urine Drug Screen (10 Panel & DOT 5 Panel w/ confirmation) at cost.