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Employer Benefits of Direct Primary Care

     Benefits to your employees and their families:
  • Unlimited visits for covered employees and dependents.
  • Same day or next day appointments. No long wait times.
  • Quality time with your doctor - Longer visits for chronic problems.
  • Ability to call, text or email (telemedicine 24/7).
  • Network of physicians and clinics.
  • Personalized care tailored to each patient’s comfort level.
  • Medications, lab, Imaging at pass through costs.
  • Discounted Physical Therapy Visits.
  • Access to over 150 Specialists.

    Benefits for employers: 
  • Most employers with onsite, near-site, or even hybrid clinics give all their eligible employees access to their health clinics as part of their total benefits package. Similar to health insurance plans, most employers will give eligible spouses and dependents access to the clinics if they are on the employee’s health plan.
  • Increased employee satisfaction = Better retention rates. Give your employees something different and exciting.
  • Lower healthcare claims over time by keeping your employees out of the hospital and by avoiding more expensive avenues of care.
  • Decreased emergency room utilization.
  • Increased generic drug utilization.
  • Quarterly utilization data including number of interactions, prescriptions and some health condition information.
  • Healthier Employees = Lower workers’ comp claims.
  • Higher productivity from lower absentee volumes.
  • Urine Drug Screen (10 Panel & DOT 5 Panel w/ confirmation) at cost.